Chiswick Park


Rainwater Recycling

We collect the rainwater that runs off the roofs of Chiswick Park buildings. We pump it into our lake to maintain the water level, as water is lost through evaporation.

Natural Water Supply

100 metres below ground, our bore hole provides an additional supply of grey water which reduces our dependence on the mains supply.

Saving Water

With the Environment Agency estimating that wash basins account for a third of the water used in the typical office, all of Chiswick Park's washroom hand basins are fitted with spray taps to reduce water consumption by up to 80%.

Sustainable Washrooms

We installed Whiffaway waterless urinals across the Park and have seen staggering water savings of around 60%. We've also installed energy efficient hand dryers to get rid of the 9 million paper towels we were using each year.

Further Information